– New online tourism journal

The Academy for Tourism has developed a new (online) journal, Tourism Destination Management Insights. The first edition is now available for download.

Operating in a complex globalised world, tourism destinations are continuously challenged to adapt to contextual change and improve their local performance. Managing tourism destinations has become a professional field of expertise. Knowledge and skills are required to establish professional interventions, together with different actors, delivering the tourism experience at the destination level.

This journal presents the highlights of the AfT’s graduate research, the Master of Arts (MA) programme Tourism Destination Management. The tourism industry continues to be one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. With this growth, there is also an increasing demand for international scholars, researchers, business managers and other professionals. This Master’s programme is developed to cater to this demand.

As part of the one-year post-graduate programme, the students conduct tourism research at a destination. Thereby they produce valuable information and insights that may contribute to the future development of tourism destinations worldwide. This is the reason to publish student’s research output, accompanied by responses and columns by academics and practitioners. The first issue of Tourism Destination Management Insights is now available for download here.

Please feel free to contact the editors Jeroen Klijs (lead), Ondrej Mitas and Celiane Camargo-Borges with questions, comments, and suggestions for contributions.

(Source: Academy for Tourism/NHTV Insight)

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