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My first impression of NHTV Breda

Hi! I am Olivia from Germany.

Even years ago it was clear to me that I wanted to study an international subject. I am very interested in different languages, cultures and I love to travel and discover other countries. And I wanted to combine all of this. Tourism was my first choice but in my home country, the courses are very theoretic and mostly offered in expensive private universities. I first read about Breda and the programme International Tourism Management on the internet and was immediately interested due to the practical and problem-oriented learning methods, the internationality and the huge possibilities to collect experiences abroad. For a long time I exchanged messages with a current NHTV student from Germany and her impressions convinced me even more. Then I finally decided to go there by myself and see if the NHTV Breda could be me future place to study.

On Friday the third of October I went to Breda. After a long way of traffic jams, we finally arrived in the afternoon.

My first impression was very positive, the main building looks exactly like on the homepage’s photo. In addition to the building, there is a huge amount of parking lots for students, very practical. Despite the fact that it was Friday afternoon when we arrived, many students were present, talking and working together in groups. When you enter the building , a screen welcomes you. You enter a lobby with a very modern design, with dark colours and bright accents and many paintings and graffitis. There is also a wall where the students can leave a note , which is very interesting and helpful for other students who search for a room or a job. There are countless brochures which do not only concern the studies but also free time activities in Breda, shops and clubs. There is also a reception where a friendly lady answered all my questions about where to find what. salad barAt the left is the cafeteria which I liked a lot. It is designed in light green and there are a salad bar, many coffee machines and generally a huge choice of products! Vegetarians like me won’t starve 🙂

The university has a nice library where you can find everything. And I appreciate the fact that with 7000 students it’s not too big and overcrowded.

Everywhere in the university are places to sit down to relax or work. On sunny days, you can even sit outside, there are many benches and tables.

Tourism-210x100Each field of study is placed in an own part of the building. The corridor of tourism management is easy to recognize, everywhere are models of planes and pictures of people taking holidays. I really liked that the design of the corridors fit to the field of study, I could imagine you feel like you are even more into the topic then.

Another aspect which is important to me is that the lecture rooms are much smaller than in Germany. Sometimes there fit about twenty people in a room. In Germany it’s absolutely overcrowded and the student is like an anonymous person to the professor. The students in Breda work together in small groups and the relationship to the professor is often quite good, as I was told. I could easily see that the students are very free because many of them work on their personal ideas and projects, which I consider a great opportunity because one has the chance to develop individually and personally as it is, in my opinion, often impossible in German universities.

After a long and informative day and an inspection of the city center, we drove back to Germany.

By the way, the city center is very nice too! There are many cafes, bars and countless shops to discover. There is a nice park with a river next to the university where students can pass their free time or learn in the sun.

After my visit, it was clear for me that I will apply for the university. Now I have to wait for my results, hopefully we see each other next year in Breda!


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