Making the right decisions

Today, in my first blog, I’m just going to introduce myself. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m going to tell about my life, family and my road to NHTV. I just want you to know me before I daze you with all the problems and situations I will encounter, attack and conquer during my first year at the Facility Management bachelor at NHTV.

My name is Björn Scheenstra, I’m 21 years old and currently live in Tilburg, a town next to Breda (which is ten times better and nicer…..some say). I lived here my whole life in a suburb with my parents and older sister. My parents own a tobacco shop in Rijen, a small village between Tilburg and Breda. Here I worked for the last 2 years since I didn’t had proper education over the last 2 years, and really no education over the last year. This has to do with my ambitious dream to become an aviator at a commercial airliner, in which I failed, because of the economic risks in such educations.

In my search for a new education I visited, with the help of my great friends Anne and Josje, countless information evenings and open days, but none of them were perfect. Until I went to NHTV, unmotivated because of all the disappointments, and there I found a perfect study. The moment the man started talking about this study, I had a great feeling about it, and knew this was something for me. I didn’t want to overthink it, which I did before and never worked out for me.

At the orientation day everything felt right. I knew this was something for me, because of the combination in economics and finance and on the other hand management and organization. Thinking of creative solutions to take the max out of a commercial enterprise is something that fits me well. Therefore I know for sure that this programme, International Real Estate and Facility Management, is made for me!


Yup, the one on the right…

Next time I will tell you more about my search for a room in Breda, a harder task then I thought!

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